Hardware & System Support

Our support service offers to our Customers the maintenance and hands-on support regarding any hardware and/or software need, regardless of Operative Systems or hardware platforms.

The Company’s resources nowadays absorbed by the IT infrastructure, the necessary up-time reliability and efficiency of the structure are tremendously increasing.

It’s a matter of fact that a significant part of the costs needed to provide any product/service and maintain high quality standards, derive from the Information System infrastructure.

That’s why Nextar’s competitive offer can fit these specific needs:

• Hardware maintenance;

• Verify and assessment of the procedures for the Backup of all business data;

• Check-up of the Security policies;

• Operating systems update assessment and maintenance;

• Installation/configuration of data networks, Client/Server or Cloud systems;

• Development of customized software solutions.

Nextar services can be provided:

• On site (by the Customer headquarters or in different locations);

• As remote assistance.

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