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Site Content

All the data, information, material that is relevant to the subject, software, texts, data, graphics, images, sounds, videos, logos, icons and html codes (“Materials”) on the company’s website are proposed for purely informative purposes and are not or should be construed as a commercial offer, license, advice, trust or professional relationship between the visitor and the Company. None of the Materials provided on this site intends to replace or prevent the visitor from seeking or acquiring information automatically.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

This website is protected by intellectual property rights and is the sole property of the Company. Each of the materials contained therein is protected by intellectual property rights and remains the property of the Company or the third owner that has provided the Company with the licensed material. Materials may be used by the visitor for personal purposes but not for commercial purposes with respect to the intellectual property right and any other applicable law in this matter. Any use other than that permitted under these terms of use or any modification of the contents of the Company’s web site may be prohibited without the prior written permission of the Company. This site may contain images covered by third party copyright.

Link to third-party Website

The Company is in no way responsible for the Web sites accessed through this Site of the Company. When you access a non-Nextar Web site, even if it contains the Company’s logo, you must remember that it is a site independent of the Company and that the latter has no control over the content of the site in question. The presence of a link to a non-Nextar site does not, however, involve approval or acceptance of liability by the Company regarding the content, materials or use of such site. It is the responsibility of the visitor to take every precaution to ensure that any material taken and used is devoid of destructive elements such as viruses, worms, “Trojan horses” and so on. It is forbidden to create a link between any website to any page of the Company’s website without prior written permission of the Company. The companies whose websites are present on the Company’s website may insert the link to the Company’s Web site on their website without the prior written permission of the Company. The visitor acknowledges that imitation of the Company’s web site or any similar procedure is prohibited.


The Materials of the Company’s web site are provided in the state in which they are and are not warranted of any kind, expressed or implied. Although the information provided is deemed accurate, the Company does not warrant that the Website is free of inaccuracies, errors and / or omissions, viruses, or other defects, or that its content is suitable for a particular use or is up to date. The Company reserves the right to modify the Materials at any time. The Company does not guarantee any result resulting from the use of only part of the Materials available on the Company’s website. Materials on this site do not supplement or modify the warranty that can be applied to the visitor arising from a contractual relationship with the Company.


Generally, the site does not contain any requests to the visitor to provide personal information or contain hidden technology tools that can obtain personal information of the visitor. In case the Company invites the visitor to provide his / her personal data, the consignee of the same visitor shall be required in accordance with the laws in force regarding the protection of personal data. Personal information obtained is processed in accordance with the law. If the visitor has any other concerns or concerns regarding your privacy, please send them to:


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Documentation and comments from the Visitors

The Company does not accept the sending of confidential or confidential information through this site. Any information or material sent to the Company will not be considered confidential. The Company does not undertake any obligation to control the information or content (including any project, files or other attachments) that the visitor sends to his website. The visitor assures that any information sent to the Company or comments that it submits to the Company through the Website does not infringe intellectual property rights or other applicable law. Such information, content or comments will be treated as non-confidential and will not be subject to proprietary or proprietary restrictions. By submitting any information, material or comment, the visitor gives the Company an unlimited and irrevocable right to use, display, modify, transmit such information, materials or comments, including the ideas, concepts and knowhow underlying them. The Company reserves the right to use such information, materials, comments in any way it deems appropriate. However, your name will not be disclosed and you will not be admitted to the fact that you provided material or other information unless: (a) You have been granted authorization to use your name; (b) You are previously notified that the material or information you submit to a specific section of this site will be published or otherwise used under your name, (c) be expressly required by law.

Applicable Law and Partial Nullity

Under the present conditions of use, Italian law applies and, subject to legally binding provisions, any dispute arising out of or relating to them shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Rome forum. If any provision of these Terms of Use is deemed invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions remain fully valid and effective.

Changing the Terms of Use

The Company reserves the right to make changes and / or updates to the terms of use without notice and at any time. The visitor, while continuing to use this site, also accepts such updates and / or changes; this page, therefore, should be periodically visited to verify the conditions of use currently in force.

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Copyright© Nextar S.r.l. – VAT Number 10481720018

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